Veterinary medicine

Customised medicines and dosage forms that boost compliance and results

Just like humans, every animal and animal species is unique - from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles. This means they require individualised treatment and care.

Unfortunately, not all commercially available veterinary medicines are going to be appropriate for your pet or those you are treating. In fact, many standard veterinary medications don't come in the dosage forms required for successful treatment.

Working closely with you, and informed by culture and sensitivity test results, our compounding pharmacists can create custom medications for your pet or patients in the exact dose required. We also offer a choice of dosage forms and flavours to boost compliance.

Commonly requested veterinary medications

  • Refractory seizures Gabapentin suspension
  • Idiopathic epilepsy Potassium bromide capsule
  • Behavioural disorders Fluoxetine suspension
  • Hyperadrenocorticism Trilostane capsule
  • Fungal infections Itraconazole suspension
  • Parasitic infections Fenbendazole oral paste, ivermectin capsule
  • Heart failure Triple therapy comprising of enalapril, frusemide and pimobendan
  • Acral skin dermatitis Diphenhydramine with sucrose octaacetate bandage
  • Gastric ulcers Omeprazole capsule
  • Pain management Tramadol transdermal paste or suppository, amantadine capsule, meloxicam suspensions
  • Anorexia Mirtazapine transdermal cream
  • Systemic infections Ronidazole suspension/capsule
  • Hepatitis Ursodeoxycholic acid
  • Bacterial infections Chloramphenicol suspension
  • Gastric stasis Cisapride capsule
  • Hypertension Amlodipine suspension
  • Bladder cancer Piroxicam oral capsule
  • Chronic arthritis and autoimmune disorders Low dose naltrexone (LDN)
For skin infections, we also can help with non-healing wounds, formulating a topical medication based on culture and sensitivity testing.

Polyox Bandage

Polyox bandages are favored for securing animal wounds due to the following advantages:

  • Easy application (sprayable powder that forms a flexible but tough film when applied)
  • Film stays in place for hours, increasing contact time between active ingredients and the wound
  • Film does not restrict movement
  • Can be applied to hard to reach areas
  • Not removable by water and resistant to most oils and grease

Amber Compounding Pharmacy provides Polyox bandages with customized ingredients for each patient. Active ingredients such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents and antihistamines can be incorporated.

Improving compliance for better results

Compliance is a real issue for many vets and pet owners. When an animal won't cooperate, this can interrupt treatment, reducing effectiveness. To help combat this and avoid repeated vet visits, we offer a range of dosage forms and flavours to make administration easier.

Oral suspensions & pastes

Oral pastes & powders


Topical creams, ointments & lotions

Otic solutions & non-aqueous suspensions

Transdermal creams

Chewable medicated flavoured treats

(sugar-free) preparations

Combination medications

Avaliable flavour options

Beef, chicken, tuna,  banana cream, apple, strawberry,  raspberry, crispy bacon, seafood chowder and more.

See chart for species flavour preferences.

Discontinued medications

If you require a medication that was working well for your pet or patient but has been discontinued, in many cases, we can compound the required medication based on a prescription.

Our exclusive Amber veterinary range

As well as creating compounding formulations tailored to your individual needs, we also sell exclusive veterinary formulations created in our laboratory. Our unique formulations are used and recommended by vets and clinics.

K9Biotix™ - for canine otitis externa

Our specially formulated K9Biotix is used to treat the infection and inflammation of a dog's external ear canal (canine otitis externa). It's a once-weekly application designed to improve compliance and reduce the need for applying ear drops several times a day.

The unique formula allows direct delivery and prolongs contact time with the ear canal. In resistant cases, we're able to customise an ear preparation based on a laboratory report.

K9Biotix medicine for dog ear infection

K9 Anti Lick™ - for acral lick granuloma

Formulated to deter dogs from licking, biting and chewing, our K9 Anti Lick reduces wound aggravation and improves the healing of scars and lesions. Applied directly onto the wound, this non-toxic preparation is designed for a pain-free application. An anti-itch component such as an antihistamine may be added to provide additional relief.

K9 Anti Lick - for acral lick granuloma

Amber’s Fish Complex™ - to boost appetite and compliance

Our Triple Fish Complex is formulated to increase feline appetites and make medicines more palatable. Made using real tuna, sardine and salmon, this creamy solution can be mixed into a cat's regular food or medicines (as directed by a vet).

With high omega content and no additional sodium, colours and flavourings, it's suitable for cats on restricted diets.

Amber’s Fish Complex - for boosting feline appetite

Happy client

"We have been using Amber as our sole compounding pharmacy of choice since 2010 for all our practice compounding needs. Apart from their professional, timely and impeccable service, Jayne and her team have gone above and beyond on many occasions to provide innovative solutions for problems we encounter. Their quality compounded products are reliable and formulated with the unique needs of our veterinary patients in mind. We could not ask for a better partner in the provision of healthcare for our furry friends."

Dr Natalee Prakash, Veterinarian, Mount Pleasant Vet Centre, Singapore

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