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We compound for bio-identical hormones, pain management, paediatrics and more

Bio-identical hormones

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is most commonly used for women going through menopause and men going through andropause. In consultation with a prescribing physician, deficiencies can be corrected based on a particular dosage for a specific patient. We typically compound our hormones in sublingual lozenges, oral capsules and transdermal creams or gels.


From pain management preparations to local anaesthetics, we can compound tailored dental medications to suit an individual's specific needs. This includes customised combinations of anaesthetics for a pain-free experience, and compounded astringents that reduce bleeding during dental procedures. We can also compound oral preparations to suppress the gagging reflex and neuropathic pain.

Pain management

Chronic pain can be a struggle for patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches and muscle pain. As everyone experiences pain differently, we can compound customised medications to suit individual pain management needs. We offer a range of dosage forms and can combine several medications to improve compliance and handle pain management from a multi-modular approach.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist for the treatment of opioid addiction. When taken at very low doses (LDN), it blocks the natural opiate receptors and triggers natural endorphin production, which can boost immune function. This in turn leads to a reduction in inflammation, including inflammatory blood markers, reduction in pain, improved sleep, reduction in autoimmune antibodies and improvement in neurological function. Patient response varies from experiencing all of those positive benefits. LDN needs to be trialed and if no benefit is seen, it is then discontinued. LDN has been found to be beneficial for several auto-immune diseases, various cancers, cognitive decline, Lyme Disease and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.


Medicating children can be difficult. Some resist medicines due to the taste; others find it difficult to swallow pills or are afraid of injections. In addition, many medications are only formulated for adults, so don't come in paediatric dosages. To combat this, we create custom paediatric suspensions and solutions in a variety of flavours. Conditions we commonly compound for include reflux, eczema, nail-biting and autism.

Discontinued medicines

Sometimes a commercial medication that has proven effective in treating a specific health condition may be discontinued, recalled or out of stock. When this happens, in many cases, we can compound and prepare a prescription for it to facilitate continued patient care.

Happy client

"I have worked with Jayne at Amber many years. She is naturally curious and always strives to keep up with the latest innovations. Her and the team are committed to providing the best customised solutions for patients in a timely manner, even rushing prescriptions for our overseas patients. When a clear remedy is not available, Jayne will work tirelessly to find the best creative solution to the problem."

Dr Julinda Lee, Gynaecologist, Wellness and Gynaecology Centre

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