Further Update on the Suit against Priscilla Lim Suk Ling and UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy

21 December 2023

Amber and Bova UK agree exclusive veterinary compounding distributorship

1 October 2021 

Updates (Suit HC/S 164/2018) against Priscilla Lim Suk Ling, UrbanRx (The Pharmacy Inc.) and Others

20 August 2021 

Consent judgement (Suit HC/S 164/2018) protecting Amber’s unique formulas

1 October 2020

Singapore Vet 2019: Our Conference Overview

15 October 2019

University of Reading Malaysia establishes MOU with Amber Pharmacy

15 February 2017

Amber Labs Official Mosquito Repellent to the Bahrain Olympic Council

22 July 2016