Privacy Policy

1. Collection of personal data 
We collect personal data from you only when you provide it directly to us through the site. The data include:
i. Name
ii. Age
iii. Gender
iv. Contact Details
v. Credit and Debit card details (For billing)
vi. Mailing address
vii. Email addresses
viii. Telephone Number

2. Who we share this data with
Your personal data is safe from the public as only authorized and related personnel are allowed to view and use this information. These authorized personnel are as listed but not limited to:
i. Delivery staff
ii. Orders processing staff
We will ensure that there is no unauthorized disclosure of information as we understand these particulars are sensitive and we will use it only for our recording purposes. We do not sell or trade your personal data to external parties but in order for us to provide the services mentioned, we may share your information with our branches in Malaysia and also courier companies that we engage to deliver your order.

3. Marketing
We may send marketing messages/emails to inform you of our latest offers or newest products using your personal data. If you would like to unsubscribe, reply the email with Unsubscribe or click the link to unsubscribe.

4. Security
Our website security ensures that card details are not leaked or exposed by using encryption. The details are only known to the card holder. The company will only know that a purchase has been made. We do everything in our power to make sure that the personal data provided is always being protected.