Clinically-proven preparations effective in treating a range of skin conditions

Skin disorders are common and can vary greatly in symptoms and severity, whether they're caused by allergies, irritants, genetics or immune disorders.

Our cosmeceuticals and adjuvant therapy formulations can speed up healing, provide relief and treat a wide range of conditions. We also create prescription anti-wrinkle creams and cater to clinical procedures with topical anaesthetics and chemical peels.

We work with a wide range of dermatological compounds and all of our ingredients are responsibly sourced. This means we're able to create optimum formulations based on individual needs, allergies and sensitivies. In addition, our R&D team are continually innovating to deliver the best quality products to you or your patients.

Common skin conditions & compounded preparations

Our scientifically-formulated preparations have individual or combinations of key ingredients to tackle a particular skin condition. Here are some conditions we have requests for, with examples of compounds that can help in cases where commercial medications can't.

  • Acne Azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide and spironolactone
  • Eczema and Psoriasis Steroidal and non-steroidal options
  • Hair loss Finasteride and minoxidil combinations
  • Nail infections Ibuprofen, itraconazole in saturated solution of potassium iodide
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation Tranilast, hydroquinone and 4-n-butylresorcinol
  • Rosacea Ivermectin, metronidazole
  • Pruritis Camphor, menthol, phenol combination
  • Scars (including new and old surgical scars) Tranilast and triamcinolone in a silicone base
  • Vitiligo Tacrolimus, alpha-lipoic acid
  • Warts Imiquimod and topical cimetidine
  • Radiation wounds Misoprostol in combination with lignocaine, metronidazole and mupirocin

Private label skincare for your clinic or patients

Based on a product brief provided by you, our team of specialists can create private label skincare products and packaging designed exclusively for your business. Whether it's a specific mixture you need, or you're developing a range from scratch, we offer a variety of cream textures - or you can create your own.

Because we understand the chemical properties and biological effects of each active, our R&D team can advise you on the best formula based on your brief. We also work with external laboratories and partners to validate our formulations and to ensure that stability and potency are preserved over the intended shelf life.

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"Amber pharmacy has been delivering high quality and professional service that has consistently met our demanding expectations. We continue to have complete confidence in their products through their reliable customer service and technical excellence."

Dr Jean Ho, Consultant Dermatologist, Jean Ho Skin and Laser Clinic, Singapore

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