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Elven Guard (Pets)

30ml or 100ml (travel suitable)

Elven Guard (for pets) provides 8+hours protection against biting insects including ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. DEET free. Natural; eco-friendly.

Organic p-menthane, 3,8diol, isopulegol,  citronellal, neem, citronellol, lemongrass, glycerin, ethanol and purified water

8+ hours of botanical protection against biting insects including ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs and unseen insects. All ingredients are completely biodegradable, including the active PMD rich oil (PMDBRO). Suitable for regular indoor and outdoor use.  DEET free.

Spray evenly over animal. Reapply as necessary.

Caution: Avoid the area around pet's eye.

Store in a cool, dry place.