UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy Pte Ltd

Admits Wrongful Conduct

Consent Judgement (High Court Suit No. 164 of 2018)

On 14th September 2020, the High Court of Singapore recorded a consent judgement against Priscilla Lim Suk Ling (an ex-employee of Amber Compounding Pharmacy) and UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy Pte Ltd.

In the consent judgement, Priscilla and UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy admitted to copying and breach of confidence in relation to our confidential information. 

Priscilla and UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy have also admitted to wrongfully taking our confidential information (including but not limited to our prescriber lists as well as formulas which are unique and proprietary to Amber Compounding Pharmacy) and to the unauthorised access and unauthorised use of the abovementioned confidential information. 

As part of the terms of the consent judgment, UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy has issued a letter signed by its directors, Priscilla Lim and Daniel Tai.

The letter places on record that UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy's directors are disappointed by and regret UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy's wrongful conduct. It also states that they will do their best to comply with the orders made by the High Court.  
Pursuant to the consent judgment, the proceedings will now progress to the assessment of damages phase, where the High Court will assess the damages that Priscilla Lim and UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy will be liable to pay Amber Compounding Pharmacy for their wrongful conduct.

The ongoing dispute between Amber and UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy and its director Priscilla Lim has been ongoing for several years, with the judgment on liability alone having taken nearly two and a half years. This has resulted in a great deal of stress for both Amber Compounding Pharmacy and its existing clients.

"This outcome is great news for Amber, and we're thankful that our unique formulations, which have been developed over many years, have been protected," said Jayne Wee, Managing Pharmacist and Founder of Amber Compounding Pharmacy.

"We're grateful to all of our clients who have stood by us while we sought a resolution to the dispute, despite any approaches that UrbanRx Compounding Pharmacy may have made. We take a serious view of any wrongful conduct that can affect the confidence you have in us and our products, and we'll endeavour to continue providing quality, high-integrity products and service."